UFC, Cricket & EPL this weekend, and look for our Christmas & New Years specials!

Some GREAT Cricket matches coming up with Australia taking on New Zealand this weekend, as well as through next week!  On top of that, we'll have the usual EPL line-ups coming this weekend, like Liverpool v Watford and Arsenal v Man City among them!


Come in early on Sunday morning for Usman v Covington, UFC 245!  As always, doors open early & breakfast will be served!

Stop in for the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend!

It's a late evening for the Brazilian Grand Prix, but we'll be showing both the qualifying and the Sao Paolo main race!  Stop in for both!  See more here: https://www.formula1.com/en/racing/2019/Brazil.html

Come in for EPL all weekend long!

Come in for a full weekend of EPL action this weekend, starting Saturday at 8pm with Chelsea taking on Crystal Palace.  We'll have cricket on Sunday morning upon opening, so stop in & have lunch with us.  It's Sunday Roast day also!

Rugby World Cup Finals, UFC & EPL

The Final Matches are this weekend for the Rugby World Cup!  Friday at 5 is New Zealand & Wales for 3rd, and Saturday sees England take on South Africa for the big win!  Stop in for both!  

Lots of EPL this weekend, starting at 8:30pm Saturday with Bournemouth v Man United with lots more to follow.  Don't see your game?  Ask at the bar!

ANd of course, UFC 244 is on Sunday morning at 10am.  Breakfast will be available as always!

Rugby World Cup, EPL, and Mexican Grand Prix, all this weekend.

The World Cup continues with England v New Zealand on Saturday at 4pm and Wales v South Africa on Sunday at 5!  It's coming down to the end soon.  Don't miss it!


Also this weekend is a lot of EPL action, starting with Man City v Aston Villa at 7:30pm on Saturday, ending with a lot of early Monday morning matches!  Stay late for these!


And of course, along with the EPL early Monday matches, the Mexican Grand Prix starts Monday at 3am, with qualifying at 2am Sunday!  


Stay tuned for the Australian Cricket Summer series, oming soon.

The Rugby World Cup continues this weekend!

Stop in on Saturday to watch England take on Australia in the Rugby World Cup Semifinals!  Later, New Zealand will be taking on Ireland!


We also have EPL on as usual, so stop in all weekend to see what happens in your favourite sports!

NRL Grand Final, more Rugby World Cup & EPL

The NRL GRAND FINAL is on!  Watch the Roosters take on the Raiders on Sunday at 4:30pm and see who takes home the big win!

Also this weekend, the Rugby World Cup continues with matches between Australia and Uruguay, England and Argentina, New Zealand and Namibia, and much more!  We're only halfway through!

And of course, EPL is on this weekend, starting with Brighton taking on Tottenham Saturday at 7:30pm, wrapping up Sunday night with Newcastle v Man United! 

AFL Grand Final, NRL Semifinals, and Rugby World Cup!

The AFL GRAND FINAL is on this weekend!  Watch Richmond take on the GWS Giants on Saturday at 12:30pm!  


The NRL grand final is also coming up, and this weekend will determine who gets in.  The Raiders will be taking on the Rabbitohs on Friday, and the Roosters will be taking on the Storm on Saturday, both games at 5:50pm.  Don't miss it!  


NRL, AFL, and UFC 241 this weekend!

UFC 241 is on this weekend, with Cormier taking on Miocic for the main event, the World Heavyweight Championship!  Doors open early, and breakfast will be available!

And we're soon wrapping up the NRL & AFL seasons, with the Grand FInals coming up in just over a month!  See who's looking good for the season's end, and who could end up at their main events!



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